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How to prepare CG-3788E

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing CG-3788E

Instructions and Help about CG-3788E

Music Applause Cape Mary welcomes you to Coast Guard boot camp not exactly a vacation at the beach Music perched on a peninsula just east of the lobster house restaurant and fleet of commercial fishing boats on the harbour stands training center Cape May this is where young men and women are transformed into Coast Guardsmen every enlisted recruit to this branch of the military from across the United States experienced an intense eight-week basic training in other words you're not in the Coast Guard until you've passed through Cape May and Upper Sandusky Ohio recruit Olson is that 4 Hills Florida recruit Glen Overland Park Kansas the crew Chapel healy alaska seaman recruit Wilford Fredericksburg Virginia similar good luck to you vol mmm our core duties or search-and-rescue law enforcement and national defense but we do a lot of other things so it's navigation environmental protection we actually have 11 different statutory missions that we perform recruits are in their second day of the program it begins here at the medical clinic where all health issues and vaccines are addressed of the instruction happens in the classroom but there's also practical training hands-on experiences including the firefighters school here they're preparing to experience and fight a simulated fire Applause Music it's not a real fire there's no heat involved but we try to replicate the environment as best we possibly can using smoke machines and other things that would disorient somebody normally in those Hut's Aceros reduce lighting all that kind of stuff Music from fire to water second week recruits are required to swim 100 meters in front crawl breaststroke or side stroke and be able to tread water for 5 minutes to pass this part of the training some won't make it in fact one in five that come to Cape May will not graduate sometimes with some people home because they don't need our standards either for physical fitness or for a knowledge of skills-based issue and occasionally folks asked a disenroll very often they express that their their overawed by the job and the responsibilities of it and it's more than they expected responsibility and discipline that carries into every aspect of this program from marching how they stow their packs and the precision and way they enter the mess hall but you might think that Chow time would be a break for the recruits it's not Applause coming out of the galleys where the most intense parts of recruit training it's where they put the most pressure on you and just where they're screaming at you the most that they scream at you the most and the times you you would feel comfort of course like any branch of the military the Coast Guard puts immense pressure on these young people this is in the form of physical exertion and largely mental challenges the idea is to prepare them for high-pressure real world situations that may determine life or death it may seem.

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Mistaken Social Security Numbers
Wrong taxpayer name
A number of declaring statuses
Failing to sign your return
Arithmetic errors

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FAQ - CG-3788E

What is the purpose of CG-3788E?
I believe that the purpose of the CG-3788E is to act as a “each monitor” during the wintertime and to help predict severe droughts and extreme winter storms. How does the CG-3788E function? 1. The CG-3788E provides the data required to predict the amount of precipitation and temperature during severe droughts, storms or other extreme rainfall events. 2. An operational computer is configured to receive data from the weather station at the nearest location on the CG-3788E by using a digital video imaging signal transmitted through a coaxial cable. The data is then read by a control box located on the CG-3788E, where an alarm is triggered if a problem is detected with the data. 3. If a problem is detected, the operation is suspended until the problem is resolved. The temperature (temperature) and precipitation are transmitted to a central station on the CG-3788E via video (video) transmitters. 4. The high voltage data travels through the cable to an alarm box located at the CG-3788E's base station, where both voltage and signal characteristics are monitored. If either the voltage or signal on the wire is greater than allowable, the operation is halted. [Back to Top] GPS-3874E What is GPS-3874E? The GPS-3874E is a GPS receiver/transmitter based on the same architecture as the GPS-3871E. The original purpose of this GPS was to be an automatic weather station. However, since then, the GPS-3874E has been used over the last thirty years for civil/military purposes such as radar testing, location and direction finder, emergency location, etc. How does the GPS-3874E function? 1. The GPS-3874E is a device to receive signals from nearby GPS receivers/receivers, monitor data received, calculate a location, and display that location on a screen. 2. The GPS-3874E is a GPS receiver/transmitter for military use. The GPS-3874E uses the same transmitter/receiver electronics circuitry as the GPS-3871E. 3. The GPS signal is transmitted via coaxial cable. 4. The GPS-3874E is capable of receiving GPS signals from up to 15.
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