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She's a go-getter she steps up to any challenge that's ever you know come across her table she accepts it with open arms we needed a partnership an education program there was none existent here at the station so I just put it in her life sent her an email and now here to session with a partnership and educational program I went directly to the school district and found out that 76% of the kids in Galveston County are from the lower associate economic spectrum and they don't have a lot of structure in their life so I wanted to be able to influence them by having a Coast Guard presence in the schools so far we have volunteers that go once twice a week and then they either work with specific students or they work with a group of students and I knew I wanted to do something big in the community Galveston is rather large community she has great compassion for volunteering CBS News national correspondent Omar Villafranca is also accused and just outside of the city's Convention Center and that's where the evacuees are being taken over for Hurricane Harvey I volunteered with the American Red Cross at the Georgia barone Convention Center in downtown Houston I was actually stuck in the city because it was flooded and I couldn't make it to duty so I wanted to give back I saw all these great rescues happening and so we ended up helping believe was 500 families with the intake of their pets so they were it relieves some stress so they didn't have to see that their pets were being separated from them and we kept them together the whole time she's a very knowledgeable in their rate great boat driver loyal very intelligent the actions that she took in Las Vegas were very commendable you know I would like to say that I could put myself in her shoes but I can't until you're faced with that sort of traumatic experience you you don't really know what you're gonna do she definitely showed that she wants to help other people I was at the route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas Nevada on October 1st breaking news coming out of Las Vegas Nevada where there's been a deadly mass shooting and an outdoor country music festival that day we met a family of four ladies ranging from an elderly woman to a 14 year old we hit it off immediately and then during the show we made our way about 100 feet from the stage to watch Jason Aldean and from then through songs in the shots ringing out my partner was hit on the second round of shots the third round of shots are when the lights came on and that's when we know she was bleeding we took my shirt off to tie it around her leg and we hit the ground my best friend shielded the fourteen-year-old and I jumped.

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